Brian Gillis: 1946-2018


A Lifetime of Magic

Brian was a dear friend and a remarkable performer. A few weeks ago, I asked him to be the very first magician to entertain at a very special pre-opening party at our new Magic Castle Cabaret because I knew he would be the perfect magician to impress our most influential members. He loved performing at the Castle and audiences loved him. He was a beautiful friend, a beautiful talent, and his passing is an incredible loss to the magic community.
— Milt P Larsen, Founder of The Magic Castle

In Memoriam

Brian Gillis had a rare gift for spreading joy few could match. He was a creative force, a friend to the magic community and visionary influence on the art of prestidigitation.

One of Brian's hallmarks was his soft-spoken, yet persistently warm demeanor, both on and off stage. His performance style was no act, but merely an extension of his gentle manner and obsession with bringing light and laughter to everyone he met.

Brian took pride in his numerous professional contributions to his beloved art, which will continue to enable countless budding conjurers to bring amazement and delight to audiences worldwide long after he has taken his final bow.

In Your Words

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